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Improving Asset Availability and Performance

Asset Monitoring
Assets that are properly cared for will last significantly longer than those that are mistreated. Capital funds used to replace worn-out equipment could be deployed elsewhere for the good of the business.

A reliability focus can yield higher asset efficiencies — or in other words — the assets are productive for a longer period of time.

With asset monitoring, make decisions that are informed by existing conditions and experience to improve the output of your existing equipment, systems, and applications.     

Reliability Solutions - Enabling You to Operate With Confidence

Combining Reliability Solutions expertise with Emerson’s monitoring and predictive diagnostic technologies uniquely positions us to help customers solve reliability problems and achieve world-class operating performance. Vinson Reliability Solutions Flyer

There is Never a Good Time for Downtime

Machinery Health Management is simply a matter of maintaining and monitoring your critical rotating equipment in the best possible condition at the best possible cost. By combining predictive maintenance with excellent analysis, we can easily and accurately assess the health of the machinery in your facility. Through automated diagnostics, plotting, and reporting, you determine the exact status of your machinery’s condition and take the necessary steps to improve business performance. 

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Emerson is the single source for optimizing your mechanical assets. With a proven track record of implementing plant-wide predictive diagnostic solutions, you can count on Emerson to unlock the maximum potential in your machinery.

Announcing the New CSI 2140 Vibration Analyzer - The Next Generation in Portable Vibration Monitoring!

The CSI 2140 was designed to meet the toughest user challenges. Not only do you get the fastest data collection on the market, you also get a battery that lasts beyond a full shift and a bright, color touchscreen.

The CSI 2140 delivers simultaneous four channel plus phase monitoring and analysis and early bearing and gear wear detection with PeakVue technology.

The CSI 2140 is the most powerful vibration analyzer available.
It delivers:

- Fastest data collection on the market
- Simultaneous four channel monitoring and analysis
- Powerful battery life that lasts beyond a shift
- Bright, color touchscreen so users can always view data
- Thin, light profile to make a long day in the field easier

Learn more about this powerful new analyzer – as well as the limited time offers to trade in your current vibration analyzer for a discount on the CSI 2140.

CSI 9420 Wireless Vibration Transmitter Providing Accurate Vibration Monitoring in Hard-To-Reach Locations

As part of Emerson's Smart Wireless solutions, the rugged CSI 9420 Wireless Vibration Transmitter connects quickly, easily, and economically to any machine. It delivers vibration information over a highly-reliable, self-organizing wireless network for use by operations and maintenance personnel. Configuration, diagnostics, and alerts are imported into AMS Suite: Intelligent Device Manager. The CSI 9420 is ideal for vibration monitoring applications, especially in hard-to-reach or cost prohibitive locations. It provides reliability with advanced accuracy for all installations. The CSI 9420 can be configured for a variety of low-power accelerometer sensor input options including one accelerometer, one accelerometer with embedded temperature, or two accelerometers. CSI 9420

CSI 2130 Machinery Health Analyzer – The Foundation for Effective Machinery Health Management

The CSI 2130 Machinery Health Analyzer can quickly and accurately identify developing faults in rotating machinery, and then get to the root cause of the problem so that it can be fixed once and for all. Simple to use, the CSI 2130 allows maintenance personal to monitor more machines in less time, and focus their efforts on developing faults instead of chasing the next breakdown.

Capitalize on Your Equipment's True Potential

AMS Suite is a family of related products that allow you to optimize the performance and availability of your production assets through predictive maintenance.

 Capitalize on Your Equipment's True Potential
Covering mechanical and process equipment, electrical systems, instruments, and valves, AMS Suite products can make quantifiable difference in your returns. Combined with PlantWeb®, AMS Suite has shown improvements of 2% or more in plant efficiencies. More than 10,000 applications are in use worldwide.  

Providing Predictive and Proactive Maintenance Using Intelligent Field Devices, AMS Suite.

The first component in the AMS Suite of tools is the AMS Device Manager. The Device Manager is a software package designed to improve uptime and cut maintenance costs by utilizing intelligent field devices to optimize instrument and valve performance. Through the Device Manager program, these devices can provide early detection of potential failures, diagnose advanced problems, streamline calibration activities, configure devices, and automatically document changes. Gone are the days of unnecessarily pulling a valve out of line for routine maintenance only to find no problem.

Customized to Meet Your Monitoring Needs

Realize the Full Business Impact of Improved Asset Availability and Performance

For experienced engineering assistance in implementing your Asset Optimization Program, Emerson Process Management offers PlantWeb Services. Designed to help you both diagnose your potential problems and recognize the full benefits of a comprehensive predictive maintenance program, Emerson personnel bring years of experience in all types of processes to your plant. To optimize reliability and streamline maintenance cost, PlantWeb Services is an investment that will pay dividends in higher throughput, and more on-spec product, and reduced maintenance costs.

powers PlantWeb
PlantWeb Services for Asset Optimization power PlantWeb by ensuring successful implementation of the AMS Suite applications and maximizing the value realized.


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